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Russel Wong: Framing Famous People
Silver Spotlight: Russel Wong — Framing Famous People
He gets up close and personal with the likes of Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. What makes Russel Wong click with them? He has built a reputation for being a photographer of celebrities. But he’s also happy to take pictures of nature and life in Japan.
The Many Phases of Michelle Yeoh
The Many Phases of Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh’s win at the Golden Globes is a big win for Asian women in film and also sends a strong message about the role of silvers not just on the silver screen, but in the working world.
Acting For Seniors
Acting For Seniors
It’s never too late to discover your acting talents. Instead of watching the stars on the big or small screen or onstage, how about giving yourself a chance to share the spotlight? Veteran thespian Remesh Panicker has some useful pointers.
To Your Health
Bird’s Nest Brings Back Happy Childhood
The benefits of bird’s nest and the herbal soups from Eu Yan Sang bring back childhood memories for Jasmine Adams. In the old days it was hard work cleaning bird’s nest. These days it is conveniently available in a bottle, ready to drink.
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