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Dr Yeoh Teng Kwong

Dr Yeoh Teng Kwong

Dr Yeoh Teng Kwong is a retired Associate Professor from the Department of the Built Environment, College of Design and Engineering, National University of Singapore. He possesses a Doctorate degree in Chemistry. Prior to joining academia, he spent 32 years in the corporate sector holding various management positions in the air travel and hotel industries. Although retired, he continues to teach in NUS on a part-time basis, sharing his practitioner’s perspective with students who are studying management modules. He is a keen writer of opinion pieces, mostly on management and social issues.

A Year Well Lived?

A Year Well Lived?

A new year brings with it new challenges and opportunities. While we look forward to them, we don’t often reflect on how well we lived the year that we are leaving behind. Here’s a survey that will help you find out how you’ve fared this year, and it could help you towards a better year ahead.

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