Lena Soh-Ng
Lena Soh-Ng
Lena spent almost a lifetime building a career and a business, in Media and Comms. She feels that information needs gateways and has watched how it’s flipped from delivered content to sourced content, and the oh so exciting world of data. She’s excited about the possibilities that each stage of life in Comms brings, and that it’s the season to care about Legacy.
Greece - Exceeding Expectations
Greece – Exceeding Expectations
If you’re looking for a holiday destination that offers history, food, culture and adventure, Greece offers a range of options. Here’s a quick exploration of Athens and sites near the Greek capital, Delphi and Corinth.
Urban Lingo
Urban lingo
Time to pick up on the acronyms that are peppering many of our messages. Here are a few to start things of.
Get Yourself Checked
Get Yourself Checked
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and here are some subsidised services to check your health.

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