ChatGPT Meets Adam and Eve

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ChatGPT Meets Adam and Eve

What was the first question you asked ChatGPT?
What is Chat GPT?
Did you just ask me this?

Whoa! You are Stone Streak, which is the stone age Silver Streak. Get a move on.
ChatGPT launched in November 2022, and in three months has 100 million users. If you are still not one of them, put away your hour glass or sundial and get chatty.
So it is a chatbot, artificial intelligence, capable of answering questions. Yes. Any. Question.
Right off the bat, parents with children sitting vital exams could be forgiven for their knee-jerks of “Ho-say liao! Cancel tuition, save money! Ask ChatGPT write your compo for you!”
Hello, mother-father, you know you have to name the chatbot as co-author right?
Clearly from my kindergarten days the teacher had made it known I lacked intelligence.
Because I answered — correctly — a question before it had reached its end.
Smartbot you see. She roundly told me off for being silly and foolish and everything else.
So like a few others I could not wait for the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) so I could get me some.
A crystal example of AI is when you start to type in Google, “Can…” and the search engine’s hyper-over-active predictive text completes the sentence with, “…dogs eat strawberry?”
Type “Can…” on Valentine’s Day and you’ll get, …”you feel the love tonight!”
Who bloody asked you, Googs?! (Basically what my kindergarten teacher said.)

(The opposite of AI is say you're looking for a television programme via streaming and you key in “Raw and Order”. You'll never have it. Because the streamer, if you like, cannot second-guess you mean Law & Order. Like people you know who don't get it. Ever.)

As it was Valentine’s Day week, I asked the esteemed AI chatbot ChatGPT, how would Adam and Eve have celebrated Valentine’s Day in the Garden of Eden, with the serpent about.
Well, I don’t have to convince you that chatbots do not have a sense of humour. Nada. Nyet. Zero.
Long story short, it pointed out that Eve and Adam being characters from the Bible would unlikely have celebrated VD as it is a pagan festival and only became associated with romantic love in the 14/15 Centuries.
And then, as an afterthought from oversight, it continued with the notion that they may have gathered flowers, exchanged gifts, from the Garden of Eden, and shared a romantic meal.
What about the snake? Call it a hissy fit, but I want to know about the serpent.
Could Adam not have stoned the reptile, after tempting it with clusters of figs, and used its shimmering skin to make Eve planet earth’s first Hermes handbag?
Chatbot! You’re slipping.
And, what, no recipe for how to make a romantic meal out of apple, grape, pomegranate, fig, carob, citron, pear, quince, and mushrooms? For that is what was abundant in the garden.
Mushrooms may explain why the couple had no clothes on. I’m free, I’m liberated!
But a salad of such a fruit mix…I do see the fig leaf’s other use.
Mind you, in a blind test, of graduate-school standard (University of Minnesota), ChatGPT passed at the level of a C+ student.
Think of ChatGPT as “outsourcing”.
Sourcing across many domains of knowledge, while the responses may be detailed abd the answers articulate, not unlike Wikipedia, the accuracy can be shaky at times. Or at least they can be challenged. Do double-check with Dr Google.
Before the keyboard warrior in you hammers out “Molotov cocktail, how to make one,” rest assured there is a policy on toxic content. Prompts raising ethical concerns are promptly rejected.
The Singapore online sites I do read because they are such crack hands at angle-shooting (once upon a long time ago the province of our newspapers) could view ChatGPT in its favour. Ask it the most asinine question, something along the lines of How to share hotel room with partner with flatulence problem. (I did make that enquiry.)
You will have the most boring predictable “solutions” from the chatbot. (Foods to avoid, open the windows, spray scented freshener, ho-hum, ad infinitum.) And then you can go to town, take that and fly with it.
Don’t expect magic from ChatGPT. In other words don’t be a smartbot. You can try to fence with the chatterbot. What you’ll get are standard operating answers. On CPF, on laksa, on why the sky is blue.
Tourists in Singapore do want to know the most curious of things: Do we have beaches; are we part of China; is there snow in Singapore; how to visit on a budget. AI provides the most banal and straightforward of answers. Which suit our guests just fine.
The chatbot in me would reply yes I’ve known a couple beaches in my life, they pretended to be best friends. And as for the budget question, excuse me I can’t stop. 🤣😅😂😂😅🤣

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