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Turning Silver into Gold

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Turning Silver Into Gold
SilverStreak presents the first in a series of discussions on celebrating opportunities for the silver generation. Turning Silver Into Gold explores the various possibilities that are available to the silver generation to remain relevant in society.
The panel discussion takes place on 23 June and will be live-streamed on the Silverstreak Facebook page.
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Turning Silver Into Gold is about enriching yourself. It could be your wallet, or it could be your body, your spirit or your mind. In bringing together a variety of flavours in terms of opinions and views, the discussion features panellists who are well-respected in their respective fields of endeavour.

Leading up to the discussion on 23 June, the three panellists have provided their own thoughts on the topic.

Turning Silver Into Gold - Laletha Nithiyanandan
Caption: Laletha Nithiyanandan
3G Connections
Laletha Nithiyanandan is the Executive Director at the BOP Hub.
Laletha has more than 35 years in HR and recruitment. In the Asia-Pacific region. In her current role, she is active within the social enterprise space with the Base of Pyramid, and also in the field of mentoring.

"I feel we need to make the best of every stage in our lives and every age is perfect if we can look for what it has to offer.

For me it’s a time when we can finally focus on ourselves because we have completed most of our obligations and at this point most things we do are a matter of choice.

But even for those who still have to look after others, or have obligations to meet, we can draw wisdom from our experience and have a stronger foundation to stand on.

To me it’s about ageing with the 3 Gs: Grace; gratitude; and generosity of spirit.

Wouldn’t it be nice to appreciate and celebrate each day we have and leave having added to the people around us and help them feel good about themselves and where they are at in their life?"

Turning Silver Into Gold - Lee Chiwi
Caption: Lee Chiwi
In Trusts We Trust
Lee Chiwi is the CEO of PreceptsGroup International.
Chiwi started his career as a lawyer before being appointed as the Chief Executive of British & Malayan Trustees Ltd, the oldest trust company in Singapore. Following a buy-out he continued at the helm of the new company PreceptsGroup International, a full-fledged estate and wealth succession planning service provider.

"I had a client who was setting up a trust for the benefit of his two grandchildren. Each time, on the client’s visit, he would bring along his two young grandchildren to my office.

The younger grandchild, a little boy aged four at that time understood, even at that tender age, that his grandfather was giving him moneys in some form and that the "big company" will be taking care of things for him.

The eventual giving by the trustees years later will be a reminder to them of Grandpa’s goodness and evoke pleasant memories. Hence, this simple concept of providing your inheritance is something that every silver-haired person could consider."

Prof Jeremy Monteiro
Caption: Prof Jeremy Monteiro
Finding New Pots Of Gold
Prof Jeremy Monteiro is the Executive Director of Showtime Productions.
Jeremy is known for carrying the jazz standard for Singapore. The Cultural Medallion winner has been playing jazz for 41 years around the world and holds two visiting professorial appointments. He has composed a range of music; from jingles to jazz tunes and national songs.

"As I move into my silver years and turn 62 this year, I think about what I can do, both to serve the scene and also find fulfillment.

Seeing the young ones I have helped to mentor come into their own as musicians and achieve levels higher than what I have achieved is, to me, the "gold" at the end of my “chasing rainbows” journey.

I still think I have time to create more gold, and catalysing the symphonic jazz scene over the next few years will keep me happy, engaged and challenged. If I can see symphonic jazz take root in Singapore by the time I am 70, that would be my next pot of gold."

The discussion, Turning Silver Into Gold, is on 23 June 2022, from 7:30pm — 8:15pm and will be live-streamed on Facebook.

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