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3 Tips For Taking Impactful Photos

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3 Tips For Taking Impactful Photos
Lionel Leo contemplates a shot. Photo by Kannan Chandran
Lionel Leo‘s hobby has taken a serious turn.
With his first exhibition, Life Goes On, at ION Art Gallery, the 66-year-old architect and photography hobbyist gets to showcase his lifelong passion which has taken him to many parts of the world.
Lionel picked up photography when he saw an all-black Minolta camera. As a 11-year-old, he was taken by the sleek beauty of the camera, and after saving up his red packets and with some additional funding from his father, he bought the camera.
3 Tips For Taking Impactful Photos - Pushka 2017
A Balancing Act, Pushka 2017.
Photo Courtesy of Lionel Leo
That triggered an ongoing relationship with photography that, more than five decades on, has yielded a pithy cross-section of scenes from around the world.

"Much like in life, it is never truly about the black and the white, rather it's the beautiful shades of grey that exist between the two extremes."

3 Tips For Taking Impactful Photos - Chinatown Singapore 2021
Black & White Chinatown, Singapore 2021.
Photo Courtesy of Lionel Leo
Lionel’s exhibition Life Goes On features a mix of b/w and colour images.
The 40 prints, curated by celebrity photographer Russel Wong, are for sale, with proceeds going towards The Nepal Initiative, which supports education and children’s welfare.
3 Tips For Taking Impactful Photos - Varanasi 2018
Paint The Town Red, Varanasi 2018.
Photo Courtesy of Lionel Leo
Lionel has three tips for anyone taking up photography.
He recommends that newcomers to photography opt for a fully manual camera.
3 Tips For Taking Impactful Photos - Varanasi 2018
River of Morning Calm, Varanasi 2018.
Photo Courtesy of Lionel Leo
Be game to experiment and discover what interests you, whether it’s nature, people, street life….
Ask yourself why you are taking a shot.
This is probably the most important question as it will help you understand your own photography technique.
Lionel has assembled street shots from Cuba, Hong Kong, Dubai, India and other countries for his exhibition.

Life Goes On
Location: ION Art Gallery, 2 Orchard Turn Level 4, Lobby A, Singapore 238801
When: 20 to 28 May 2023, 11am - 7pm daily
Admission: Free

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