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5 Must-see French Films

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5 Must-see French Films
What makes a great film?
It’s got to be one that’s engaging enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen.
And while there are numerous ways to watch films these days — from streaming sites like Netflix and HBO — on your laptop or smartphone or home theatre, nothing beats enjoying it on the big screen with great sound and snacks!
It’s time to head back to the cinema hall and be transported to a different world.
For those who haven’t been to the cinema in a while, you’ll be delighted to hear that vOilah! France Singapore Festival is currently ongoing.
An important part of the festival is 38th edition of the French Film Festival, which runs from 17 to 27 November.
It is a wonderful spectacle of French creativity showcasing 30 feature films.
Here are 5 films across a range of themes to get excited about!
Notre-Dame on Fire (2022)
5 Must-see French Films - Notre-Dame on Fire (2022)
Photo Credit: PVR Pictures
The title says it all: this Jean-Jacques Annaud-directed film is based on the Notre Dame fire that broke out in Paris in 2019. Look out for both real-life footage and fictional material appearing in this retelling of a nationwide catastrophe!
Catch Notre-Dame On Fire in theatres from 18 November 2022!
Shaw Theatres Lido
18Nov @ 6:45pm: Book tickets here
Alliance Française
19Nov @ 4:30pm: Book tickets here
Shaw Theatres PLQ
19Nov @ 6:30pm: Book tickets here
Kompromat (2022)
5 Must-see French Films - Kompromat
Photo Credit: Palace Films
Described as a “gripping espionage thriller”, Kompromat details the story of a French diplomat wrongly accused of a crime. Based on true events and directed by Jérôme Salle, this is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Catch Kompromat in theatres from 18 November 2022!
Alliance Française
18Nov @ 10:15pm: Book tickets here
27Nov @ 9:30pm: Book tickets here
Shaw Theatres Lido
21Nov @ 6:30pm: Book tickets here
26Nov @ 9:00pm: Book tickets here
Shaw Theatres PLQ
19Nov @ 9:10pm: Book tickets here
27Nov @ 6:30pm: Book tickets here
Rumba Therapy (2022)
5 Must-see French Films - Rumba Therapy
Photo Credit: Cineuropa
Looking for something to brighten up your week? Featuring a bus driver in his 50s determined to make the best of his life, Rumba Therapy is a light-hearted comedy by Franck Dubosc that’s great for the whole family.
Catch Rumba Therapy in theatres from 19 November 2022!
Alliance Française
20Nov @ 2:00pm: Book tickets here
27Nov @ 2:00pm: Book tickets here
Shaw Theatres Lido
21Nov @ 9:30pm: Book tickets here
25Nov @ 6:20pm: Book tickets here
Shaw Theatres PLQ
19Nov @ 3:50pm: Book tickets here
27Nov @ 9:30pm: Book tickets here
Our Lady of the Nile (2020)
5 Must-see French Films - Our Lady of the Nile
Photo Credit: Scholastique Mukasonga
Presenting a coming-of-age story set in 1970s Rwanda, Our Lady of the Nile documents the leadup to the 1994 Rwandan genocide and will interest history buffs out there! Directed by Atiq Rahimi.
Catch Our Lady of the Nile in theatres from 12 November 2022!
The Projector (Golden Mile Tower)
12Nov @ 8:00pm: Book tickets here
20Nov @ 2:30pm: Book tickets here
November (2022)
Photo Credit: Unifrance
Directed by Cédric Jimenez, November is a fast-paced detective story that covers the 2015 Islamist terror attacks launched upon Paris. One for those who like lots of action.
Catch November in theatres from 19 November 2022!
Alliance Française
19Nov @ 9:30pm: Book tickets here
24Nov @ 7:00pm: Book tickets here

Shaw Theatres Lido
19Nov @ 6:45pm: Book tickets here
23Nov @ 6:50pm: Book tickets here

Shaw Theatres PLQ
22Nov @ 9:30pm: Book tickets here
26Nov @ 6:40pm: Book tickets here

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