10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone

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10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone
We’ve all been there before — getting a new phone but not knowing where to start and what to download.
From health to entertainment to government apps, take a look at these 10 apps you never knew you needed, by categories.
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - TADA
Credits: TADA App Logo
Different from your usual ride hailing app, Tada does not take any cut from their drivers, which allows them to provide more competitive rates, especially during peak hours. Furthermore, you’ll get matched to a driver quickly with the app’s excellent matching technology. No more unreasonable price surges and waiting for a long period of time for ride matches!
Download TADA at: iOS or Google Play
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - Shazam
Credits: Shazam App Logo
Shazam is a music discovery app whichfinds the music you don’t know the title to. Don’t remember the lyrics to google the song title to? No worries. It’s time to put an end to leaving cafes without knowing the song of the tune that captured your heart, or avoid having to awkwardly ask strangers the title of songs.
Simply tap on the logo when you enter into the app when there’s music playing, and it’ll tell you the song in seconds!
Download Shazam at: iOS or Google Play
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - Spotify
Credits: Spotify App Logo
You’re probably no stranger to this giant streaming platform. Being the largest streaming service worldwide, they’re popular for a reason — with over 70 million songs from all kinds of genres and podcasts of every kind, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can make your own playlists, or listen to the playlists according to genres, moods or top hits on the Search page and Home page respectively.
Spotify is a freemium service, so you can opt for a free account under Spotify Free, or choose a family subscription for a cheaper price if your family still has space for another member!
Download Spotify at: iOS or Google Play
Plan type Advertisements Listening mode Listen offline
Spotify Free Yes Shuffle only mode (you cannot choose what song to listen to) No
Spotify Premium No Able to choose whatever song you wish to listen to Yes
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - Atome
Credits: Atome App Logo
Atome is an interest-free buy now, pay later app. Although only having newly launched in December 2019, Atome has swiftly become the leading buy now pay later brand in Asia, partnering with over 5,000 online and offline retailers spanning fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and homeware.
Atome allows you to split your bill into three equal payments — the first would be at the point of purchase, and the next two are spread 30 days apart. All you have to do is to link your credit card, and you can even have the app send you alerts on when your next payment is.
Download Atome at: iOS or Google Play
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - SingPass
Credits: SingPass App Logo
SingPass is a must-have app which makes your life easier with its seamless and highly secure features. It acts as a one-stop portal app from which you can access several government services such as your CPF, MediSave, HDB services and personal details like your NRIC or drivers’ license. If you are accessing government websites like CPF or HealthHub externally, you can also choose to login via SingPass with just a click instead of having to run through your notebook to find your CPF password.
Say goodbye to the struggles of remembering your passwords with a quick and easy biometric login either by fingerprint or facial recognition. No more one-time passcodes sent to your sms or email either. Yet, it’s still a highly secure app due to its two-step verification to access services.
Download SingPass at: iOS or Google Play or on AppGallery
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - Singabus
Credits: Singabus App Logo
Have you ever waited too long for a bus or missed a bus? Put an end to that with a bus timing app. Among the numerous bus timing apps there are, Singabus may be one of the best. Other than the basic feature of telling you when your next bus is arriving, it has novel features like an alight reminder, where the app reminds you when you are reaching your destination. Now you can plug your earphones in and listen to music or podcasts on Spotify without a worry.
Furthermore, you can save your most frequented bus stop under ‘Favourites’ for faster access and rename the bus stops so you know what they mean. It’s so much easier to recognise the bus stop you need to go to when it’s labelled as “downstairs” rather than a string of numbers or an ambiguous bus stop name you don’t recognise.
Download Singabus at: iOS or Google Play
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - CamScanner
Credits: CamScanner App Logo
Scanning documents have never been easier. With CamScanner, all you have to do is take pictures of a document you wish to scan through the app, and it will transform it into a scanned document for you, with different types of scan filters from B&W to enhancing the print if it’s too faded. And if there are other objects in the background? Simply crop them away.
Download CamScanner at: iOS or Google Play
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - HealthHub
Credits: HealthHub App Logo
HealthHub is a national platform for digital health by the Ministry of Health to act as a more convenient, one-stop portal way to:
Download HealthHub at: iOS or Google Play
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - HealthHub
Credits: Monny App Logo
Other than being able to track your daily expenses with this user-friendly tracking app, Monny allows you to set your own monthly budget so you can keep your expenses within it.
Download Monny at: iOS or Google Play
Google News
10 free apps you must download when you get a new phone - Google News
Credits: Google News App Logo
Get all of your news organised into one app with Google News. Whether international or local, Google News has a section where they bring you news that’s relevant to you. No more skipping through headlines you don’t want to read about.
Download Google News at: iOS or Google Play
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