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3 Easy Hacks to Prevent Accidents at Home

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3 Easy Hacks to Prevent Accidents at Home
Being independent is key to ensuring that we still have a sense of purpose well into our silver years.
Many silvers take pride in being able to carry out their daily needs without asking for help, especially if they live alone.
However, as we get older, we may not be prepared for an accident at home.
This becomes more crucial if we have become accustomed to a routine.
Here are some easy hacks to prevent them from occurring in the first place, when you least expect it!
1. Gear Up
When considering what we should do to prevent accidents at home, acquiring the right gear can help us feel more in control of our movements.
Consider investing in non-slip footwear, such as slippers with rubber soles, to prevent any chances of slipping when you’re moving about in the kitchen and around the house.
Alternatively, when picking items off the ground, a grabber tool may ease the strain on one’s back which, if continuous, may lead to accidents in the future.
2. Get Organised
3 Easy Hacks to Prevent Accidents at Home - Get Organised
It’s important to take measures to keep home spaces such as the kitchen a hazard-free zone.
Getting your home organised can help prevent accidents when you are searching and reaching for items that you may need on a daily basis.
In the kitchen, it is ideal to place items that are used more often on lower shelves (about waist height) as opposed to higher up in cabinets which may require the use of a ladder.
In addition, organising wiring installations present around the house will help to prevent tangles that may be created, which in turn leads to tripping hazards.
3. Clear Obstructions
While it is important to dress practically and practice being organised, other obstructions may arise when we are distracted and are unable to stay up to task.
Allocate a dedicated space for clothes that need to be washed such as a laundry basket, rather than leaving clothes lying around on the floor. This helps to train our memory, and to develop a routine for safety.
When living in homes with stairs, ensure that toys or other objects are not left lying around on the steps after your grandchildrens’ playtime!
Apart from making an effort to keep ourselves safe from accidents, we should also facilitate an environment that is ideal for that to happen.
Keep pathways clear around the bed and to the bathroom so that you will be able to see where you are going, especially at night.
Dr Nur Farhan suggests a night light for nighttime toilet trips.
In addition, you may consider placing non-slip mats or giving floor tiles slip-resistant treatment. This is especially crucial in areas such as the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen, where accidents are prone to happen when living alone!

"Ensure grab bars and handrails are in place in the toilet and where there are steps." adds Dr Nur Farhan.

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