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Age – Look Beyond The Numbers

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Age – Look Beyond The Numbers
The silver generation doesn’t want to be kept apart from society. It wants to be a part of society. An integral part.
It’s a generation that has put in the time and effort to help build the country and Singapore’s international reputation. And it will continue the work, provided it’s allowed to do so and not shielded from realising its full potential.
The silver generation doesn’t necessarily want to be treated deferentially or differently, to the point of being excluded from opportunities. It would like to be engaged in the ongoing activities of nation building, but treated with some consideration since physical frailties kick in and mental faculties slow down. But why not allow those who are still keen, to push ahead do so?
No need to sweep almost everyone into the corner with the same brush. Some will fall off, others can push on. That is the case at every level of society. There are those who can make it, and others who will persevere and break through.
This fighting spirit should be part of the ongoing process of an aging society. Society is made up of the young and the old, haves and have nots, and many other extremes and a whole range of variables between.
Depending on individual capabilities, many silvers are still fully-functioning within society; able to participate and continuing to engage and contribute.
By creating general exceptions and diminishing the worth of this generation, society will only wind up with more lost and aimless souls who will become unplugged and detached from reality. The less purpose you have in life, the less inclined you are to apply your faculties to their fullest.
SilverStreak asked its silver contributors for their opinions on Health Minister Ong Ye Kung’s recent speech about Singapore becoming a super-aged society in 2026, when 21% of the population will be at least 65 years old. It’s not that far away and involves the SilverStreak community directly.
Here are their thoughts.
A Valuable Resource
What Are The Options?
Conditional Concessions
Review The Reliefs
Celebrate Respect
Doing It Together

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The Editorial Consultant of SilverSteak has enjoyed a journey that has taken him from print to digital, and words to visuals. Every rock tells a story and under every rock is a deeper narrative.

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