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Can ChatGPT change your love life?

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Can ChatGPT change your love life?
There’s much bru-haha about ChatGPT, US-based OpenAI’s viral AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot.
Most recently, software giant Microsoft unveiled a new version of their search engine Bing with built-in support for ChatGPT – scant weeks after firming up plans to invest US$10 billion into its parent company. But what’s the big deal?
In short, ChatGPT picks apart questions, runs it against a massive database of information, and spits out an answer. It can churn out a summary from a multi-page document, improve resumes, propose diet plans and even write love poems.
Other AI tools out there, like OpenAI’s Dall.E 2, can perform similar wonders with art.
Can ChatGPT change your love life?
This means that Microsoft’s oft-neglected search engine might see a second wind, as the AI tool remembers what users ask for in earlier chats and improves searches with follow-up questions.
However, some have begun to raise alarm bells about the tool’s potential pitfalls. A chatbot that generates essays, scripts and stories with the barest of user input, they say, stifles critical thinking and kills creativity.
There is also a potential for misinformation, as ChatGPT is only as accurate as the database it draws from. And many of us know that the Internet is rife with falsities and half-truths.
More importantly, does it also spell the end for sincerity in romance? Lovers hunched over desks for hours to craft the perfect poem need only turn to ChatGPT for a similar result in mere seconds.
SilverStreak asked ChatGPT for a romantic poem, and this is the result:  
Write me a poem romancing a senior

Roses are red, violets are blue,  
I'm so glad I met someone like you.  
A senior in years, yet still so young,  
Your laughter and smile, forever sung.   

We take leisurely walks and enjoy life's simple things,  
Like a cup of tea and a good chat about anything.  
Hand in hand, we explore the town,  
Never a dull moment, always a laugh to be found. 

With grace and wisdom,
you light up my day,  
And every moment with you, is never far away.  
You've seen the world and lived a life so rich,  
And I'm honoured to be part of it, as your lover, your friend. 

Then we asked:
Can you do this poem in Shakespeare’s style
and got this: 

Fair maiden, thou art loveliness defined,  
With tresses soft as gossamer and eyes that shine.    
A senior in years, yet with grace and poise,  
Thou lightest up the world with thy brilliant joys. 

We stroll through gardens green, and talk of many things,  
Of laughter and of love, and all that life doth bring.     
Our hands entwined, we travel far and wide, 
And every moment spent with thee, my heart doth reside.  

Thou bringeth light to my day, with wisdom learned through time,  
And I feel honoured to be part of this tale of thine.  
A life so rich and full, with memories to unfold,  
And I am blessed to share them all, as thy lover, thy soul 

Would you feel flattered or furious if a loved one sent you an AI-written love poem this Valentine’s Day?
Or would you even be able to tell the difference?
Food for thought.

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