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Drawing on His Talents

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Drawing on His Talents- Adam Chua The Caricature artist
Caricaturist Adam Chua is a quick draw artist.
At events, he whips up a caricature while he’s chatting with you. And what you’ve said often winds up as part of the drawing.
From skeleton men to mermaids and well-dressed women in a bathtub of money, the characters he creates are quirky and draw lots of laughs.
Adam hails from a family of 8 siblings; and they all drew, on paper, walls, blackboards. They learnt the skill of communicating through art from their father who was in the army, but only Adam has gone on to make a career out of it with

The silver artist looks young for his age, which he attributes to the skin care products he uses and markets through his MySkin Centre skincare centres.

The self-taught artist used to be part of Singapore Airlines’ cabin crew, which gave him the opportunity to jet set and explore the world. He used his time overseas to observe artists in action. And he picked up pointers on how to engage an audience and entertain them.
It’s Easy To Draw
Adam says everyone can draw. And he shows us how, starting out with a stick figure and fleshing it out.
Adam also conducts corporate training, where he gets everyone drawing by the end of the session.
Drawing on his skills and friendly demeanour has helped Adam inject fun into what he does.

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