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Getting To The Root Of Hair Loss With Herbal Treatments

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Getting To The Root Of Hair Loss With Herbal Treatments
Hair loss is an aspect of ageing that can be difficult to wrap one’s head around, especially as your hairline starts to recede.
Accepting that hair thinning is a natural part of the body’s transformation as we age is step one.
Step two? Finding out how to deal with it and impeding the onset of hair loss by changing diets, altering lifestyles and implementing medication or supplement regimes.
There’s no guarantee that you can stop hair loss since so much depends on hereditary traits and environment, though you can make the most of what you have – with flattering hairstyles or headgear that accentuate the tresses that remain.
SilverStreak speaks to Riff Lim, a certified trichologist (hair and scalp specialist) with close to 20 years of experience in the industry on the topic of hair loss and herbal treatments, which he provides at his Singapore-based hair salon chain TwoHerbs.
Getting To The Root Of Hair Loss With Herbal Treatments - Riff Lim
Credit: Riff Lim
Though he comes from a family with a background in providing herbal hair treatments, he only started his own business in 2020 after his wife experienced hair loss during pregnancy.
Though it is estimated that nearly seven in 10 men will experience male-pattern hair loss, statistics are generally more encouraging for women – only half of them will see thinning hair in their lifetime.
Male hair loss is typically more obvious, with thinning in the front and middle – known as M-shaped or Mediterranean hair loss, respectively – compared to women’s, which is usually found in the middle.
Hair loss occurs from a combination of many factors – including hereditary traits, sudden hormonal changes, medical conditions and severe stress, including from work and pregnancy.
Riff recommends a two-pronged approach – fixing symptoms that might cause undue stress or worry in your daily life, before supplementing your locks with a better diet and herbal treatments.
Hair treatment options include oral medications, hair lotions and topical sprays. Those who require something more robust can turn to low-level laser therapy and hair transplants.
At Riff’s salons, this comes in the form of a proprietary Chinese and ayurvedic herb formulation that he says helped his wife get over her post-pregnancy hair loss, along with the use of cold caps, which are sometimes used to prevent hair loss from chemotherapy treatments.
Getting To The Root Of Hair Loss With Herbal Treatments - Before and After Treatment
Credit: TwoHerbs

"Adding ayurvedic herbs into the treatment can help stimulate the scalp."

The treatment, he says, is gaining popularity as “customer preferences shift to organic and chemical-free ingredients”, especially with women, as “they pay more attention to, and are more particular when it comes to applying chemical products on themselves”.
He adds that TwoHerbs doesn’t make any undue promises or guarantees of effectiveness, acknowledging that curbing hair loss is an uphill battle.

"In terms of results, we wouldn’t promise hair growth – but it definitely helps reduce hair loss and cleans the scalp. Without a clean scalp, the pores are clogged, which is one of the main reasons for hair loss ."

TwoHerbs has five outlets in Singapore. Treatments range from $38 to $62 (depending on hair length).
Quote “SilverStreak” when you visit or book to receive 58% off (until 31 August). Find out more here.

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