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Expert Barbers’ Snips And Tips For Silver Gents Who Want to Look Sharp

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Expert Barbers’ Snips And Tips For Silver Gents Who Want to Look Sharp
Image(left) courtesy of Sultans of Shave
A hairline that lies a little higher than we’re used to, or a touch of grey at the edge of well-worn tresses, are evidence of the inevitable – we’re getting older, and there’s nothing we can do to stop that.
What we can do as silvers is take proactive steps toward graceful ageing, whether that be a clean shave for men or fresh, well-fitting duds across the board.
Options for silver men in the hair department include a decently trendy – but still age-appropriate (if that matters!) – hairstyle.
Or hair-strengthening products in pursuit of a softer, more lustrous mane.
SilverStreak asks expert barbers to recommend cuts and haircare practices best suited for Singapore’s tropical weather.
1. Shorter is usually better
Expert Barbers’ Snips And Tips For Silver Gents Who Want to Look Sharp - Short Hair
Freddy McLeod, 32, a co-founder of gentleman’s barber Hound of the Baskervilles and experienced stylist with more than a decade of experience, says that older men typically benefit from hairstyles that are “on the shorter side”.
Rao, 33, from gentleman’s barber Sultans of Shave, agrees, telling SilverStreak that his customers usually go for styles that are primarily “neat and tidy”.
The barbers say that silvers with thinning hair generally have two options – maintaining what they have by only trimming and keeping it neat during cuts or going bold and bald.
2. Colour your hair, or stay natural (depending on what you’re going for)
Silvers with greying hair face a similar choice.

"It depends on how much grey hair they have, how thick it is, and what the customer wants."

3. Choose hair products wisely
Expert Barbers’ Snips And Tips For Silver Gents Who Want to Look Sharp - Hair Products
Colouring one’s hair, after all, usually entails switching up shampoos to maintain your hair’s colour.

Not every silver wants to make major changes to their routine as they age, whether due to budget or habit.

That said, Freddy recommends the following two products for silvers who want a younger-looking mane:
but easier to wash off and gentler on sensitive skin than wax.
4. Find a comfortable price
Though both barbers work at pricier gentlemen’s establishments, they say that you do not need an upmarket experience for a good haircut.
“That’s working for them, so all the power to them.”
Paying extra for a haircut at such barbers, however, can nett you a full-service experience, ranging from classy armchairs and a pre-cut hair wash to an espresso and pastry with your haircut.
5. Build a relationship with your barber
Above all, finding a flattering hairstyle is an iterative process with a trusted barber.
A cliche of having a good relationship with your barber that bears mentioning – barbershop talks, which can add some cheer to a mundane task.

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