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Stubble Trouble: 5 Shaving Tips For Silvers And Caregivers

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5 Shaving Tips For Silvers And Caregivers
Appearances matter, which is why keeping well-groomed in your silver years is vital to your self-esteem and confidence.
There’s nothing like a good haircut and clean shave to get you looking (and feeling) decades younger.
But it isn’t always easy to get a clean, close shave as age creeps up on you. Some seniors may have trouble shaving, as shaky hands, arthritis and worsening eyesight turns a daily grooming routine into an ordeal.
Skin also thins with age, making it easier to sustain nicks and cuts as you shave. These minor annoyances can turn into a major problem for silvers on medication like blood thinners (as it takes longer for bleeding to stop) or if they have diabetes, which causes their wounds to heal slower.
These are 5 ways to make shaving easier and safer – for silvers and any loved ones depending on you.
Prepare the skin
5 Shaving Tips For Silvers And Caregivers - Skin
Like many other cogs in the human apparatus, skin quality worsens with age and ultraviolet exposure over the years. It gets thinner and drier, with a gradual reduction in elasticity leading to wrinkles and saggy folds.
Your pre-shave skin and hair prep routine needs to adapt accordingly. A splash of water on your face might no longer be enough to ensure a smooth shave.
Wash your skin thoroughly with warm water to soften the hairs before starting.
Consider applying shaving cream to keep the strands hydrated and skin lubricated as you go about shaving.
It also helps folks with poorer eyesight to keep track of what they’ve shaved.
Take it slow
5 Shaving Tips For Silvers And Caregivers - Slow
Shave slowly and deliberately, with short, gentle strokes, rinsing often.
One should be especially careful around areas where the skin is saggy — the neck and Adam’s apple, as well as below the chin, for example.
Another piece of shaving advice: it is okay to settle for a good shave, rather than a perfect one.
The three-pass method – shaving with-, across- and against-the-grain – gets you closer to that perfect, baby butt smooth-shave, with the potential trade-off of irritating your skin.
Skip the multiple passes and stick to giving your stubble a simple once-over with the grain.
Switch razor blades early and often
Just like in cooking, sharp blades ironically make for safer shaves, as they cut cleanly and effortlessly.
Silvers using disposable and replaceable cartridge razors should therefore resist the urge to save them for “just one more shave”.
Think of it this way – a bad cut could end up costing you a lot more, both in time spent and money.
Choose the right razor
5 Shaving Tips For Silvers And Caregivers - Razor
In that vein, it is also important for silver shavers to choose the right razor.
Apart from the two mentioned above, there are also electric razors, old-school safety razors, and straight razors.
Straight razors, essentially sharpened, endlessly reusable blades that fold back into their handles, offer the closest shaves, though the level of danger is the highest as well.
Remember that it was the weapon of choice for demon barber Sweeney Todd.
His pie output would have been much lower had he been armed with an electric razor, generally considered the safest and most convenient of all razors.
That said, electric razors don’t have the best reputation for getting close, clean shaves on a single pass. You also need to remember to recharge them as well, or replace the batteries.
And then there’s the safety razor, comprising of a single double-edged blade partially obscured by a protective rim.
It shaves cleanly with less pressure than a disposable or electric razor, with a closeness similar to a straight razor, sans the danger.
Although the blade has to be replaced regularly, it is cheaper and less ecologically wasteful than a cartridge or disposable razor, although it is slightly fiddlier as you’re swapping out a smallish blade. It also needs quite a bit of practice.
Homegrown men’s grooming brand SGPomades offers the Ubersuave Eco-Razor Chrome Silver Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor at $38.
This is obviously more expensive than a disposable razor, though you’d make your money back quickly from the cheaper blade refills (50 for $11, replaced about once a week).
Plus, you wouldn’t have to buy new razors – properly cared for, the rust-resistant chrome-plated handle is said to last you a lifetime.
Let a caregiver or loved one help, or take over
5 Shaving Tips For Silvers And Caregivers - Caring
As you and your loved ones age, there might come a time when your family member needs help to shave. You might even be the one who requires assistance from a spouse or caregiver.
Approach the situation with tact and empathy, no matter which side of the razor you’re on.
When providing the shave, do your level best to keep your loved one independent, stepping in only when they need help.
If you do take over, involve them in every step of the process, including asking them how they’d normally shave, or whether they’re feeling comfortable.
As a silver needing help with your shave, try not to think of it as a loss of independence, but an act of service from people who care about you, and who want you to look fresh and well-groomed.
Again, you can make the process easier by giving them instructions, as you know your body best.

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