How to Buy and Cook Fish

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How to Buy and Cook Fish
Known as nature’s superfood, fish is packed with beneficial nutrients and is easy to cook.
Join Jasmine Adams as she chats with Regan, the fishmonger at 2 Girls 2 Guys and gets tips on how we can prepare these various types of fish for a healthy home-cooked meal or Lunar New Year feast.
For more tips on buying and cooking fish, swim through to the video below.
For Healing and Nutrition
How to Buy and Cook Fish
Credits: Catch of the Day Singapore
Try Balai Threadfin
Perfect for braising, pan frying or steaming, the meat of this nutrient-dense fish is slightly firm. Whether it’s fish porridge for your kids or a regular fish dish for the family, the Balai Threadfin is a favourite with all ages. If you’re recovering from an operation, consumption of this fish will also help in the healing process. Be inspired by this recipe of steamed Balai Threadfin.
For Soups
How to Buy and Cook Fish
Try Bombay Duck

If you’re looking to prepare some flavoursome broth, try the Bombay Duck. After cleaning this fish, do cut off the head before you boil this in soups. Here’s a recipe for dishing up crisp golden Bombay Duck.

For that Mild Flavour
How to Buy and Cook Fish
Try Yellowtail Snapper
Whether you cook the Yellowtail Snapper or fillet the meat, this fish has a mild flavour and firm flesh. Pan fry this fish if you’re in the mood for a crispier texture or steam it for a healthy meal. Find some alternative recipes featuring the Yellowtail Snapper.
For that Economical Choice
How to Buy and Cook Fish
Try Golden Pomfret
Whip up a fuss-free and affordable dish with the Golden Pomfret. Depending on your preference, you can choose to pan fry with sambal or steam this fish with ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Up your steamed fish game with this recipe of steamed Golden Pomfret.
For that Versatile Fish
How to Buy and Cook Fish
Credits: Oppa Foodies
Try Seabass
For those averse to the fishy taste of some fish, Seabass is an awesome alternative. With its meaty texture, this fish tastes mildly sweet. It can also be prepared in various ways like steaming, grilling or pan frying. Whip up a fuss-free dinner with this Recipe of grilled Seabass.

If you’re looking to put on your culinary goddess hat this Lunar New Year, stay tuned for the next episode where Jasmine shares three of her favourite recipes to impress your guests. This time, she skips past the usual ang go li (white snapper) and gets adventurous with a unique fish she found at the wet market — the parrotfish.

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