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Which Electric Vehicle Is For You?

Which Electric Vehicle is for you?

Which electric vehicle suits your style? As more electric vehicles are introduced into the market, we are getting a wide variety of EVs to choose from. Kannan Chandran reviews the Audi e-tron S Sportback and rates some of the models you can choose from.

Badminton Master Strokes

Badminton Master Strokes

If you’re wondering if badminton is a sport for silvers, Jose da Rosa Jr sets you on the right track. A latecomer to the game, he has nevertheless joined the professional ranks.

Louis Soliano Still Making Music at 80

Louis Soliano still Making Music at 80

Diminutive, but disproportionately multi-talented drummer and vocalist Louis Soliano celebrates his 80th birthday with what else but a concert!

Man And Machine

Man And Machine

Will the electrification of automobiles kill the sound of cars and interest in them as they become modes of transport?

Wear It Well: Hats that turn heads

Brimming With Ideas

Bill Cain’s philosophy on hats is simple. You don’t come in looking for a hat, the right hat finds you.

Shifting Gears: Polestar 2 Review

Plugging Into The Polestar 2

Kannan Chandran introduces the new electric vehicle in the market, the Polestar 2 with guest reviewer Richard Eu of Eu Yan Sang.

Make-up tips for mature skin

Make-up tips for mature skin

Put your best face forward as you enter your 60s. Avoid these make-up mistakes and learn how you can achieve that flattering look with these tips.

1 Fish, 3 Dishes for Lunar New Year

1 Fish, 3 Dishes for Lunar New Year

Have you heard of the parrot fish? Whether you choose to steam, braise or grill the parrot fish, it’ll taste just as great. Jasmine Adams shows us how to whip up 3 different dishes with this 1 fish.

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