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Which Electric Vehicle is for you?

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Which Electric Vehicle Is For You?
SilverStreak reviews the Audi e-Tron S Sportback, one of many new models of electric vehicles being introduced by car companies to help reduce pollution and reliance on fossil fuels.
Editor Kannan Chandran and guest Arul Inthirarajah, founder of Sushi Airways, take the Audi for a spin and share their views.
Electric cars are quietly making their presence felt.
From the new charging points popping up in the car parks of shopping malls, office towers and residential developments, to their silent running of EVs on the streets, motorists are turning on to this new means of transportation.
More would likely switch to EVs if the price of these cars was more reasonable. But, that’s an impossibility in Singapore, which banks on taxes from cars to boost the state’s coffers.
So, you’ll just have to be content doing what’s right for the environment.
It’s been a busy few years in the car industry as existing players wheel it out new electric models and start-ups try and muscle in on the established players.
It’s almost like a new playing field, although for now EVs will still have to share the roads with internal combustion engines (ICE) machines.
Many brands are vowing to stop production of petrol engines within a decade, which means, eventually, the roads will run cleaner and quieter. And with the advent of autonomous vehicles, it will run smoother — at least that’s the plan.
For now, amongst the variety of EVs, which are the ones that leave a strong impression?
To be honest, EVs are unremarkable as performers. Other than the instant torque delivered by the motors, the ride is pretty much the same for most brands.
Hence, Lexus is working on a fake manual transmission to simulate the manual driving experience. And Hyundai is reportedly developing a fake automatic…which would be pointless.
Why introduce jolts and motor shifts of a dual-clutch transmission you’d find in an automatic that keeps trying to be smoother with each iteration?
Of course, the more powerful your motor, the faster you could go, but in Singapore that’s somewhat pointless.
So, it boils down to how the manufacturers deck out the interior, and the gadgets and gizmos they put into the cars, be it in the name of functionality, safety or aesthetics.
Most EVs are now linked to your mobile phone via an app, which will give you information about the car and allow you to set up some remote functions like turning on the air-con before your trip and locking the doors in case you’ve forgotten to do that.
Here’s a selection of EV brands and models for your consideration should you be planning to plug into the electric movement.
*Prices are subject to the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) bidding which can be a wild ride.
And it’s always good to check with the parallel importers who do bring in some alternative models with different specifications, sometimes at a slightly lower price than the authorized distributors and retailers.
MakeModelPower (kW)Type0-100kmh (seconds)Top Speed kmhRange (km)Charging AC/DC (hours)*Price S$CommentsRating /10
TeslaModel Y RWD
220SUV6.9217455N/A 145,000 (w/o COE)Clean lines and heavy reliance on the 15" screen.Take note, it's helmed by the eccentric Elon Musk of Twitter fame.6
BMWiX3210 SUV6.81804607.5/0.5315,000Looks like a BMW, is quieter, and with Hans Zimmer's music to keep you company.7
BYD ATTO 3150SUV7.31604809.5/1.2180,000Interesting styling elements and music that accompanies you at low speeds. Tries hard to set itself apart.6.6
Mercedes-Benz EQB140SUV8.91604756.5/0.5315,0007-seater in a tight and family-friendly package with a huge display.6.0
KIAEV6125SUV8.5188350N/A250,000Sleek looks and a more trendy design sense7
Polestar2170SUV7.41604707/0.6227,000A new player flying the international flag with a lot of potential. 7.5
PorscheTaycan240Sedan5.4230434N/A355,000 (w/o COE)One of the early sports models to create a positive impression.7.5
4.3/0.8175,000For a small footprint and a nippy city runner.5
NissanLeaf110Hatchback8.4N/A311 8/1170,000An early adopter that lets you get a small dose of electrification.5.5
* Indicative prices. All prices rounded, and taken from the same period. Please check with distributors/retailers for prices and promotions.

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