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Silver Spotlight: Dr Gerard Ee — Mr Fix-It

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Silver Spotlight: Dr Gerard Ee — Mr Fix-It
Dr Gerard Ee wears many hats.
The former accountant and auditor enjoyed 12 days of retirement before being called up to repair the reputation of the National Kidney Foundation, following a failed defamation trial.
It plunged him into the healthcare industry, as he later took over the chair of Changi General Hospital before finding himself in his current role as Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).
En route, he was also tasked with adjusting downwards the high salaries of Singapore Government’s ministers, a task that resulted in stress-related skin irritations.
In a wide-ranging Silver Spotlight discussion with Dr Ee talks about aging in Singapore and what’s being accomplished through AIC and other policies aimed at creating an environment of support for a rapidly aging society.
He talks about his fight with cancer, about having meaning in life, enjoying food, going digital and the importance of prayer when it comes to making decisions.
Aging Together…Better
Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, explains the role of the AIC and how it is trying to create an active community of silvers in Singapore.
He likens his role to that of a conductor who pulls the various parts of an orchestra together.
With a growing silver community, much can be done to meet the requirements of this group.
Always Be Yourself
Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, grew up in a large household helmed by Singapore’s “Father of Charity”, Dr Ee Peng Liang, who was a founding member and President of the Singapore Council of Social Service as well as the Community Chest.
Would filling such big shoes be a difficult job for his son?
Gerard believes in being himself instead of trying to live in the shadows of others.
Books I’m Reading
Being a prayerful person, Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, lists the Bible among his top three books he’s reading at the moment.
The other two books — Essentialism and Getting Things Done — are about self-improvement and practicalities that can impact one’s life.
Changing Our Thinking
Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, talks about his role as Mr Fix-it for Singapore, dealing with the NKF saga and ministerial salaries, which were major talking points in Singapore.
Coping With Cancer
Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, developed cancer in the second year of his term with the National Kidney Foundation.
When he was tasked with fixing the NKF, he had been pulled out of retirement and was in an area he was unfamiliar with.
Dieting And Savouring Food
As a foodie, Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, enjoys his food.
But the need to lose weight forced him to try a different approach that would let him shed the kilos while allowing him to savour his favourite dishes.
Growing Old In Singapore
With family sizes shrinking and people living longer, there is more pressure on working parents to look after their children and their own parents.
Growing old in Singapore is not like in the old days, says Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care.
With more time after retirement, the silver generation can remain relevant by becoming volunteers, he explains.
Make Wise Decisions
Living in a world of constant change requires some serious decisions that would impact the future of Singapore.
What does Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, think of the stewardship of Singapore as it looks ahead at the issues of an aging population?
He believes going back to the core values will help keep Singapore on a steady path.
Using Digital Tools
Singapore keeps pace with the technological changes that are shaping the world, especially in a post-Covid environment when many transactions have become contactless.
The need to make the digital jump may leave a group of silvers lagging behind. Dr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Agency for Integrated Care, says that while the digital push has to be made, the needs of the old and very old in society should not be forgotten.

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