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What Your Choice of Camera Says About You

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What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
Getting into photography now is probably the easiest it has ever been, seeing as how almost every one of us carries a camera in our pocket.
But the world of photography is much bigger than whipping out your iPhone and tapping on portrait mode. Whether you prefer to shoot with a compact, film, instant or action camera, there are plenty of options out there from the old-school to the cutting-edge.
Each of these comes with their own plusses and minuses, depending on your level of experience and skill.
This tongue-in-cheek list looks at the eight most commonly used cameras, which situation they’re best suited for, and what your choice of equipment tells the world about you (don’t be offended).
1. Smartphone Camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
For most laymen, smartphone cameras will do the trick. They are almost always with you, easy to use and – especially in recent years – increasingly powerful.
The camera firepower race between the major smartphone brands like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and LG has led to not only a slew of improvements to hardware like lens and camera sensor size (nowadays boasting megapixel counts up to 200!), but ever more intuitive software features that make photography accessible for beginners.
Think intelligent portrait, night or food modes that help shutterbugs get better snaps in a couple of days (without having to go for a photography lesson).
What it says about you:
2. Compact Camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
What was once everybody’s entry-level, point-and-shoot camera has largely fallen by the wayside with the advent of the smartphone, with global shipments of compact digital cameras plummeting by 97 percent from 2008 to 2021.
Many brands have completely stopped releasing new compact camera models.
There are some plus points like better-quality photos compared to smartphones, but these are generally for amateur photographers looking to get serious — but don’t want to fiddle with or pay the big bucks for a DSLR camera and fancy accessories.
A prime example is the lens, which is typically built into compact cameras.
What it says about you:
3. DSLR Camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
The mighty DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is the current king of the professional photography market, and for good reason.
It allows you to control every aspect of your photography, down to the focal point and how much light to let into the shot.
It also has the widest range of available lenses, allowing you to switch between long-distance and extreme close-up shots whenever you want. Popular brands include Canon, Nikon and Leica.
There are two main downsides to DSLR cameras.
The vast array of options can be dizzying, even for journeymen. Moreover, DSLRs can often get quite heavy and bulky, which might make it difficult to wield for extended periods of time (though a tripod can help with that).
What it says about you:
4. Mirrorless Camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
Mirrorless cameras are as versatile as DSLR cameras in terms of controlling your shot, with one key difference.
Obviously, it lacks a mirror, which is what a DSLR uses to reflect a potential shot into our eyes. This means that there is no ‘natural’ way to look at what you’re shooting at – you have to rely on an electronic viewfinder instead.
This means that what you’re looking at typically reflects an image with your camera settings already taken into account, rather than a ‘natural’ image.
It also means you burn through your battery faster, as you can’t just peek through the viewfinder while framing your shots.
On the other hand, mirrorless cameras are often significantly lighter and less bulky, which might make a long photography session more bearable. Like DSLRs, these are made by most popular brands like Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus.
What it says about you:
5. Action Camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
Action cameras — sometimes referred to as GoPros, one of the original and best action camera brands — are the camera of choice for adrenaline junkies. They are highly water-resistant (some newer models are completely waterproof), lightweight and very durable.
These are generally used in adventurous scenarios — think skydiving or snorkelling – to capture the experience on a high-quality video with a good frame rate.
These cameras aren’t generally meant for still photography. They usually have a fixed aperture (meaning you can’t throw backgrounds out of focus to make your subject pop) and no optical zoom.
They do offer laymen a way to take shots in difficult environments – underwater, for example.
What it says about you:
6. Drone Camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
Like action cameras, drone cameras are suited for a specific type of photography.
The ability to take your camera to the skies without needing to book a helicopter makes drone cameras ideal for aerial shot enthusiasts who can’t get enough of a stunning landscape or city skyline.
They are also good for event photography like larger weddings or festivals. In some extreme cases, they’ve even been used for group wefies.
Budding drone photographers take note of no-fly zones and any permits you might have to apply for, lest you get into any unnecessary trouble.
What it says about you:
7. Film camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
While film cameras have largely fallen by the wayside following the invention of digital cameras, there are still diehard fans who insist that photos shot on film possess a distinctly nostalgic look and feel that can’t be replicated with editing.
Silvers might recall how troublesome and expensive shooting with film can be. You don’t get do-overs, nor are you able to inspect your shots on the spot.
You also have to make a trip to a lab to get your photos developed, incurring additional costs and travel time. The worst feeling of all?
Accidentally dropping or exposing a roll of film and losing an entire week’s worth of holiday shots.
What it says about you:
8. Instant camera
What Your Choice of Camera Says About You
Think of instant cameras as the rebellious lovechild of analog and digital cameras.
It quickly gained popularity after being introduced by Polaroid in the 20th century — so much so that the brand name became synonymous with the camera — as it provides the look and feel of film alongside a level of instant gratification that surpasses even digital cameras with prints, fresh off the press, on the go.
Ergo, instant cameras are a ton of fun, especially for capturing candid moments during special occasions. They aren’t used as much in professional settings though.
What it says about you:
So, which camera is best for you?

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