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Jeremy’s Jazz Journal

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Jeremy’s Jazz Journal
Credits: Duelling talents Jeremy Monteiro and Toby Tan.
Photo Courtesy of Aloysius Lim
Jeremy Monteiro celebrates his 45th year as a professional musician with a concert that brings together the various musicians he has worked with.
Jeremy’s Jazz Journal
45RPM Jeremy’s Jazz Journal takes place at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 1 and 2 July.
It features veteran musicians who have played with the Cultural Medallion winner over the decades, as well as newer artists Jeremy has mentored.
Jeremy talks to SilverStreak about the key moments and people in his life that have led him to this stage in his career.
The performers include Nicolas Folmar, Mahani Mohamed, Louis Soliano, Melissa Tham, Alemay Fernandez, Toby Tan, Stephen Francis, and groups Jeramzee and Stardust.
Virtuoso Toby Tan will play the young Jeremy to start off Jeremy’s journey into jazz, working his way through clubs and pop recordings before making his international mark at the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Jeremy’s Jazz Journal
Credit: Jeramzee added excitement and a strong voice to the local jazz scene.
Photo Courtesy of Aloysius Lim
His relentless pace and willingness to experiment have kept his name and the reputation of jazz in Singapore high, both locally and internationally.
His group, Jeramzee, livened up the jazz scene, while working with Stardust helped to showcase Singapore talent.
Jeremy’s Jazz Journal
Credit: Jeremy and members of Stardust
Watch the interview with Stardust here.
Jeremy continues to push forward with new music concepts and ideas. His symphonic jazz works with the Resound Collective are proving to be an exciting platform to build up the presence of music that crosses genres and engages audiences that appreciate precision and feel at the same time.
Credit: Jeremy with the Resound Collective.
Photo Courtesy of Kannan Chandran
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