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Urban lingo

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Urban Lingo
Acronyms shorten messages, provided we get the meaning.
Acronyms like LOL and IDK — “Laugh out loud” and “I don’t know” — have become regular abbreviations we use in our WhatsApp(WA) messages these days. 
Although there’s no end to ways to speed up our messages, I must confess that keeping up with some of them requires a bit of effort.
Here are 10 common acronyms, in case you get texts with them.
There are many more. And many more will emerge. Think you can keep up?

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Lena Soh-Ng

Having spent most of her work life in PR, Media and Communications, Lena finds that there’s indeed a circle to life as she goes in a full loop back to Media, at SilverStreak. Whether writing, social media posting or researching, there’s always something fascinating to learn…these are her special Silver moments.

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